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Daring DOOH

That is our mission 
Digital-Out-Of-Home reimagined

like never before

As a new DOOH media owner, GEM looks at the world with an unfettered open mind, identifying opportunities to deliver value to our property partners that were previously unreachable and unrealised. 

Leveraging stunning LED display innovations that enable epic digital displays in previously unconceived, untapped locations. For the boldest, most impactful platforms for premium brand expression. 

And this autumn, GEM is launching an extraordinary new site that fully manifests GEM’s mission 

Scotland’s largest ‘Unmissable’ 166M

Premium Digital AD Display Launching in Central Edinburgh.

Adjacent to a brand new transport hub Picardy Place serving the phenomenal St James' Quarter shopping centre.

The biggest DOOH display Scotland has ever seen!



This is the most significant digital ad display announcement since London Piccadilly was relaunched 5 years ago and similarly it is destined to become an iconic landmark. These sites do not come along very often and even more so because the display is located in a world heritage site. Brands now have an opportunity to be part of all the buzz that Edinburgh offers, from the summer Fringe Festival to the Hogmanay celebrations.” 

- Dave Watson, Head of Sales

GEM KCOM Daytime.webp

30% of all Hull's 


High Definition

Full Motion

GEM's 37.5m  portrait HD ad screen is the best ad display in Hull and East Yorkshire.


Located centrally on the lift shaft in St Stephen’s Shopping Centre, Hull's premier shopping destination, the 5m wide × 7.5m 'GEM Tower' dominates the area.


Full motion and a vibrant super high definition capability enables dynamic ads.


For advertising enquires contact:

Dave Watson - Head of Sales

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