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Daring DOOH. That is our mission.


Digital-Out-Of-Home reimagined like never before.

Leveraging stunning LED display innovations that enable epic digital displays in previously unconceived, untapped locations.

As a new DOOH media owner, GEM looks at the world with an unfettered open mind, identifying opportunities to deliver value to our host partners that were previously unreachable and unmonetized. 

But that’s not all.

GEM has also recognized the confluence of acute air pollution in urban areas and the density of viewing audience for outdoor digital media.

And in response we created GEMAir® - a combination of state-of-the-art LED displays and proven, best-of-breed air purification technology.

Thus, GEM’s service offering to our location hosts, be they Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Transport Operators, Leisure Sites or Commercial Landlords, delivers not just much welcomed revenue share income, but also radical, measurable improvements to ambient air quality.

And in so doing, immediately help tackle this most urgent public health crisis.

Watch this space for some stunning announcements on projects coming through.

And get in touch to discuss what GEM can do for you.

We dare you…

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